Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Walao Pong~ News

I don't think any of you missed it, since COM242 has the whole BAC population present I think. So unless you were sick or couldn't be bothered to come for class, you wouldn't have missed Eunice's/Lirong's birthday video.

For those who do not yet know, I did this video using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. I bragged about it in the credits for the whole damn world to see, partly because I had to get over the initial barrier of Adobe's characteristic user-unfriendliness. Or rather, it's a very exclusive friendship. Those who can figure the Adobe siblings out and get closer to them have just about the whole world in their hands. So after I managed to do it, I was pretty proud of myself.

Um so ya ANYWAY, here's the video. If you want to watch it again, or whatever. I kinda think of Youtube as 1) showcasing (my first showcase then, since the rest of the vids are raw phone-cam footage), and 2) archival. It may not be the best, I'll probably put it on Veoh if i want quality, but you know, it's not unwatchable either.

Gah my hands are itching towards

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