Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ScreenStuck Banner

ScreenStuck banner, originally uploaded by FarinelliR.

Well here's my first Flickr-to-blog post! Just thought I'd show my anime blog's banner. It's technically on the WWW but I don't feel it's ready for public viewing which is why I didn't announce it here or register it on yet.

The 'Screenstuck' font is called Showtime, and just to make things clear I had to make the reel portion black by layering it, it's not auto-black. The 'by' font is standard Brush Script MT.

As for the background picture, my co-blogger suggested it. I'll just say that if you know which series that picture comes from, you'll probably enjoy our blog alot more.


eastcoastlife said...

wah!! Purple blog!!!

Nice leh but are you ... em... em.. you know.... hehehe..

Chio chio de Aunty has been here!

Farinelli said...

HAHA nooo la! I like to think I like purple because it's a royal color.