Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Il Gufo

Well. I woke up from a 5pm-10pm nap (power nap my ass...) and I'm still sleepy as hell. If the next time I wake up is at 7 tomorrow morning, I'll know that I was officially sleep-deprived.

Yeah. I've been stoning at this point of the post wondering what to say. Then I realized I had nothing.

Well ok. I was just about to setup the anime blog on Wordpress when I was suddenly just held back, thinking maybe Blogger's better after all. More easily customized and friendlier templates. Wordpress will take sometime to knock up. Then suddenly there are so many other issues. Do we want our own domain, should we do our own graphics (cos a custom heading is 1337. lol), etc. And when I want to ask these questions, the techie is offline. And my co-blogger is offline.

I've got to write more informative things. All this personal diary stuff is fine, but I'm not getting anywhere like I wanted to with it.

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