Friday, April 20, 2007

I Left My Heart... in Singshot

Those of you outside of Kevin's class probably wouldn't know Singshot, the self-proclaimed 'online singing community'. Though not as big as Youtube, one can see that it is slowly but steadily increasing in membership.

As with any user-generated content, there are quality stuff, good stuff, bad stuff, and plain ear-shattering stuff. And another thing is people on Singshot are nice. Awfully overly nice. I've heard recordings where the singer spans no more than half an octave throughout the entire song (non-music people read: Atrocious) and people can actually give comments like 'WHOA!! Right on da dot, dude! 5 stars man you're so going onto my favourites list! Keep it up!'

What the hell man??! Being encouraging is one thing. All this over-niceness makes you feel that 1) they are being nice to you so you'll be nice back to them and boost their ratings, and 2) you can't really trust someone's praise in there. Praise is suffering hyperinflation there, in other words. Hyperinflation and hyperdevaulation. Uwahhh big words sia...

But Singshot makes it very easy to record (alot of initiative on the users' part if they want their recordings to sound nice... in-ear monitoring, computer mixer, proper mics plugged up, compressor etc.etc.), as well as create contests of all sorts. I just saw one labelled 'Are you better than Sanjaya?'

Probably everyone's a winner on that one.

Nah nah trust me there are people who make Sanjaya sound like Pavarotti.

So! Here are two of my recordings that I'm more confident of. Listen to the others at your own risk. If you choose to sign up and sing your heart away do comment on my song pages, or if not, I wouldn't mind and in fact would appreciate comments here as well.

Enjoy! I hope.

Oh by the way, it's completely legal. If I'm not wrong in fact, Singshot is actually owned by Wordpress.


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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eastcoastlife said...

You have a baby voice, soooo cute! You are a big baby lah - look chubby, voice also like baby... hehehe... I meet you want to pinch your cheeks!

Farinelli said...

eee call me big baby... i sad :(

lol. my voice not that high la normally. but since you are ccda i let you pinch one side. one side only ok? and i warn you first very oily. :)

big oily baby.