Sunday, April 22, 2007

21 April 2007 Photos - Pens and Fans

I just realised that all the photos taken from Flickr are not hyperlinked to the photo page, but the image file. How the heck do you want me to change every single one? I'll take forever. *cries* I'm sorry my readers! I'm sorry for not being dedicated enough!! Don cry for meee Singapuraaaaa~

No but really. There's gotta be an easier way.

Today I finally had a chance to wake up at my own time, not to the incessant beeping of the alarm clock that can't be found, or the mad yelling growl of the metal song I set as my handphone's alarm tone. As I walked out expecting, and indeed seeing, my breakfast on the table, I saw a pen lying on the table. I asked my aunt, who's returned from Hong Kong and will be staying with us till our condo apartments are ready (I'll blog more on that soon), 'Who's pen is this?' because, you know, it was nice, and I'm a sucker and an itchy hand for metal-cased and chio-looking pens.

So she said, 'Mine.' and then the answer I was hoping for. 'Take la. I got too many pens.'

I uncapped it and wrote my name in cursive on a piece of paper lying nearby. Smooth, but as with all classy pens, the ink blot (blot as in spreading out from its line, not one big ugly drop from a leak) makes the writing unsightly. At this point I examined the clip of the pen cap, and saw with a pleasant surprise that it was a Pierre Cardin pen (now then you see??? yes. lol. I'm not all that brand-conscious. Some things matter more. The fact it's a PC is a lovely little bonus that's all). So I brought it back with me to my room.

What I noticed first before my own pens was this huge one on my brother's table (but the computer in the picture is mine). I saw that it was fully functional, ballpoint nib and all. But how are you writing with that thing??? Crazy man the things he gets.

So back to my metal pens, this is the current metal pen I'm using, or was using until this morning - a Waterman. I like its striking black color. It's a great color for a guy to use. But if you look closely you'll see the pockmarks of the outer coat peeling. Must be my sharp tweezers in my pencil case. As to why I have tweezers in my pencil case, and what uses it serves, let's just say it's come in REAL handy on many occasions already. So in my pencil case it's staying.

This is the new Pierre Cardin. It's nice that gold is used as a complimentary color, instead of dipping the whole darn thing in it. That's... hard to look really nice.

So I was unsatisfied with the ink, right? I opened the pen up and took one look at the ink cartridge, and I noticed something familiar about it. So I took my Waterman opened it and extracted the G-2 ink cartridge inside. Yes, Pilot G-2. The best modern ink I've come across yet, as I'm sure many would agree. So I fitted it with the Pierre Cardin.

It went perfectly. And that sealed it. My new metal pen. The Waterman can retire/kena retrench/golden handshake/whatever.

Now that my aunt is back, and she's taking the bed opposite mine, my parents bought her a tabletop fan so that we wouldn't have to shift the floor fan in from the living room like we used to.

With the table top fan and my floor fan working together at night, the room gets more moving air. It used to get horribly warm even with number 3 fan speed last time with just my fan.

Just now my aunt called us to Raffles City's Sushi Tei to have dinner. Not bad. But we adjourned to Cedele at the basement for dessert, and I made a damn right choice with chocolate truffle cake. I mean look at this.

Madness la! I think I gasped when I took my first mouthful.

And finally, on a totally related note, blog posts relating to DK's Face meme have muscled their way into the daily top 10 charts on Ping. Certainly not a majority as in more than 5, but a sure majority if we go by subject.


sylv said...

use Fireflix extension for Firefox. You can upload photos easily to flickr and you can generate html from the photos, with the options linking to flickr photo page or the original image.

Farinelli said...

Heh I'm still using IE7. Blasphemy! WHY?! Cos for some reason FF takes super long to start up on my computer. :S