Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm going to sing and record Bengawan Solo. FOR YOU!


o.0 ???

Oh come on don't look so surprised. Geez you're making me blush.

Yes I'm going to do a home recording of Indonesia's classic. And while I may marr the song for all I care, I really hope I do justice to the lyrics by pronouncing them right.

Don't worry I've got like 5 Indonesian artiste recordings I can refer to. I'll make a decent effort, really.

I shall be recording it with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Hopefully, guitarists don't get your hopes up, HOPEFULLY I'll come up with a simple solo. The idea is there but I'm not too good on the frets yet.

Why the sudden announcement? I dunno, but let's blame it on uzyn. We were dicussing all things Indonesian in the shoutbox last night when I was mentioning Bengawan Solo and an oldies singer, Hetty koes Endang (probably the equivalent of Teresa Teng). Suddenly uzyn piped up from nowhere, 'fari is singing bengawan solo at the next meetup!'

Of course I said no. Of course la! My voice crack how?! Super paiseh leh! At least at home koyak still can re-record.

Then after uzyn's declaration I was stuck onto Bengawan Solo. I figured out the chords before I went to bed. And then there's this strum pattern that's been needing a song to pair with. I put it with Rhythm of the Rain, but Bengawan Solo is an even better fit, since it's a very latin classic strumming style.

So there. Gonna record it. After exams. = next week.

Meanwhile, here are two of my 8 versions (don't ask la, just don't). The first is by the abovementioned Hetty koes Endang, a more calm, serenely flowing feel to it, just like, indeed, a river. The second one is by Black Wings, and has a classic rock feel to it, so I like it. I realize that by posting these up I have high standards to live up to with my own recording, but well, people have to know, let's just put it that way. :D


Takes time to load though. But it's worth it.

I made this MySpace MP3 Player at


uzyn said...


Looking forward to it! Gonna be cool. :)

And if you're not singing it at our next meetup, you are singing it at 1st anniversary!

Farinelli said...

that's right man, bully kechil. totally cool.

sylv said...

if the indonesian one is too difficult, there's always the english version mah... hehe... i wanna record also... hehe... gaaah i'm so homesick!

Farinelli said...

don't want!! must be original then nice! lol.

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