Friday, April 6, 2007

Relac sial

Yesterday, Thursday, was the first time in like two months that Graham, Hans and I managed to find time to go play pool at our favourite haunt, Mambo Billiards at Bukit Timah Plaza, during the especially long 4-hour break in between lessons (fantastic scheduling right... lucky we got BTP and KAP and Beauty World nearby). The Thursdays of the past 5 weeks have been plagued with the frantic rushing out of research paper drafts, or something equally deplorable. I mean it's really our fault for not having done it earlier, but let's not take that into consideration.

Table 24 worked its magic and ensured that both of us lost to Hans. Except that one time, Hans must have burnt one less human sacrifice and the table responded by allowing him to clear the table then dragging the cue ball in along with the black ball. That's why I don't dabble in occult - you forget something and the spirit totally embarrasses you.

After that we three hungry young men decided to go crazy with a feast at Pizza Hut, since they had changed their menu, according to Hans. Looks like they refurbished the whole place too, with comfy booths and those half-round booths that make you feel like you're in that beer ad (forgot Carlsberg or Heineken) where the semicircle sofa turned around to face the live football match.

So we ordered:-
1 regular Hollywood Beef Pan Pizza to share
Me: Chicken Royale Baked Pasta
Graham: Traditional Bolognese, Hut Salad with chicken with thousand island
Hans: Cream of Chicken, something or the other with tomato sauce lol
Pepsis all round

For meat lovers and those people who just like sauces exploding in their mouths, the Hollywood Beef is a must-try. The Chicken Royale, however, is only so-so for me. The cream filling wasn't that nice. As for salad, I won't make a judgment because I'm irredeemably biased towards Caesar's Salad, which, horrors, they didn't have there.

The whole thing came up to $71+. Pretty extravagant.

Well, that's why we call it a treat.

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