Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Careless Calluses

This sucks.

Yesterday I was practicing my guitar... practise until damn shiok. Also practise until my calluses were sliced off can you believe it (no didn't hurt).

And then today.

Pain~ T_T"

On closer examination of my fingers I was surprised to find that I was fretting with fresh tender skin. I was like what the hell? Weren't they fine yesterday? I knew I'd played some skin off but I didn't think it was all of it. If it was logically I would have felt it yesterday already.

On a related note, I was impressed by KT Tunstall's method of looping. It's not easy to achieve in live performances, and usually only the pros of the pros (Satriani, Vai, et al.) would even attempt to do it. And so I wanted to try that out with Hotel California, because I obviously can't play more than one part at a time (well ok, I do that, but obviously not the simultaneous portions). So I remembered that the Korg ToneWorks Ax1G Multi-Effects Pedal that Graham gave to me had sampling capabilities and so I decided to try it. I'd lost the manual, so I looked it up on the Net.

Specify sample time 1-30. 1= 0.26sec, 30=1.8 sec. 1-15 = hi-fi, 16-30 = lo-fi.


What the HELL can 1.8sec record???

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