Friday, April 6, 2007

QotW10: Samurai Estates

So I finally got the heck out of Orientation Island. After visiting Lion City for abit, I headed for the one island that's been on my mind ever since it was mentioned by Kevin.

Samurai Island.

Those who know me well enough probably won't find it much of a surprise, given my fascination (obsession?) with Japanese anime. And if going around slashing people with katanas is forbidden in my first life, I'm quite happy it's perfectly catered to in my second life.

Unfortunately with my superbly advanced computer and flawless Internet connection, half the textures could not load, and this was the best I could get on snapshots. Pretty neat though, having a house built solely for a photo op (as far as I could surmise).

Basically because of the lag and all I didn't really know where I was going. I was basically flying, landing, walk in, walk out, flying, etc. I thought this steaming/smoking thing in the centre was nice though. Cool lotus sculpture. At least it looks like one.

On top of the waterfall, somewhere around the Bait Shop.

It was here that I noticed that being connected in one straight line, I'd unknowingly ventured into Samurai Tokyo.

Splendidly built bridge!

Right. Me.

My first name is my standard alias, Farinelli. For my last name I decided to find an Italian name starting with R... for Renhao. And so I ended up with Robbiani.

Ciao, signore e signora. Io son Farinelli. Farinelli Robbiani.

Eh eh... not bad right?

Even though I took an Italian name, I went for a Chinese look. That's me in Lion City by the way. You can obviously see that I didn't do the eyes too well. I look so stereotypical. As for likeness to self, it's totally like me - my ideal self. I hope to look like that someday. I also hope to get cracking soon. The hair, by the way, is abit out of my reach... I have naturally curly and rather thin hair, so rebonding will make me look more gay than... I dunno, Sanjaya or Paul Twohill. Other than that, the rest of my avatar's look is... achievable. Clothing included.

That's me at Lion City's Centopath (hope I got that right). It was done very well. When you fly close to it you can see that the texture is amazing.

A little more about Samurai Regional Estates. Samurai Regional Estates consists of three vertically interlinked islands, comprising, from top to bottom, Samurai Tokyo, Samurai Island and Samurai Edo. Samurai Island allows users to either rent shops to sell katanas or to buy katanas from these sellers. Samurai Edo is the actual fighting grounds.

Samurai Island's House of Blade Mall rules are rather strict, disallowing particles, listeners, timers, spinning/rotating objects, autoplay/running sounds, lights, 3D vendor machines, etc. etc. etc. This is probably to ensure that the overseer, going by the name KatanaBlade Anubis, can handle daily operations easily, and also to maximize shopping pleasure for users. As it is written on the site, 'it is a fact people do not like to shop in laggy malls'.

As for Samurai Edo, I could not access it because it was members-only, but there were people outside sparring, and one member was so kind as to show me a few moves with her spear.


Nice avatar, praticing too

Jane Kit showing her moves for me

Standing around looking cool

I should make Samurai Island my home. Heh.


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