Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jing Cheong Chinaman

It's not really nice to make fun of people's names, and that's not what I'm doing, I hope. It just happened to be a sad coincidence.

I have this lecturer who shows an atrocious ignorance for the format of Chinese/English names, meaning names with [surname/last name][Chinese name][given name/first name]. And this module, Nutrition in Practice (yes it's silly. and tough), is a distant learning course, with local dieticians teaching here, so we can't even tell her. Or we just couldn't be bothered to. Easier to complain lol.

My poor friend's name got massacred. His name is Ryan, which would make the official name Cheong Jing Xiang, Ryan. A normal Western name would go Cruise, Tom. Or Jackson, Janet Damita, right?

That woman named my friend...

Jing Cheong.

There is a FREAKING English name there for you to pick but no you pick the name that comes immediately after the last name because that's what you usually do. Jing Cheong sounds terribly like that derogatory term for Chinese, ching chong. As in ching chong Chinaman. That's what Ryan is now. A Jing Cheong Chinaman. Lol. Oh, and she named me Rehao Wong.


I used to treat the sight of Westerners on the street like spotting Mickey Mouse landing in a UFO. Now I know I was just young and stupid.

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