Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mediacorp Ripper-offs

New Chinese Mediacorp site totally ripped off the popular Youtube video of the Japanese flash mobs (embedded below) in their TV ads. SEQUENCE FOR SEQUENCE!

Come on. This is a new low for Mediacorp. Or as my friend said, 'hitting rock bottom and digging'. If they did not get rights from the TV station to recreate this, it's fucking copyright infringement. And even if they did get the rights, are they so dry of ideas that they have to copy wholesale? Flash mobbing is such an open idea, there are so many ways you can do it. Countless ways. See? Even a CHURCH YOUTH MINISTRY can do better.

And you have to do it that way.

Shame on you Mediacorp. Home of your favourites my arse.


Stella Stargazer said...

hahahahahahaha...u go for it hehehehe

DK said...

Even if they not creative enough, they can borrow the concept and do something slightly different. Get 100 people and do funny things along orchard road and see their reaction.

Like all walk one direction, then suddenly turn around and run.
Or all suddenly stand still.
Or all point at the sky.

There are so many things you can do with 100 people. They just choose to follow what others have done. How creative.

Farinelli said...

oh. the canned laughter reeeeally grates on my ears. lol. i should film the ripped off video down.

Cheilla said...

oh, sorry for the prev. comment.. i accidentally deleted. haha!

eh, was it happened when they first change CAMPUS to ARROW?

it was fun leh... dunno why i didn't come (song by norah jones) :p lol..

Farinelli said...

yup one day after it was announced at campus. come la come la! lol!