Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Productivity: Neil

Okay so isn't this great? I go to school for a one and an half hour lesson which consists of two presentations totally irrelevant to me and probably the rest of the class and somewhere at the start of the second one after decoding about half a paragraph of discursive runes (more on that later) I give up and walk out to find a much more interesting and arguably more educative discussion.

On ghost stories.

I mean come on don't we all love it? Long hair white dress red pinhole eyes silently screaming nabeicheebye when they stare into your own terrified pair.

For those of you who are not from SIM-UB, Neil is the name of my instructor. Thus the pun.

Hahar. Witty.

It's not that the presentations are totally irrelevant but dammit when he keeps interrupting the presenters and talking at 0.7x human speed, how interesting can you imagine it to be? I think after awhile they all got so tired of him interrupting their mini-conversations at the back with his 'gang-gang' thing that's why they went out. And Graham and Hans didn't even show up today. Hans... nothing new la you know LOL but Graham... totally bo sia no news - quite unusual of him.

I opened a (the phrase slipped my mind and for some stupid reason 'time bomb' keeps insisting on being chosen) time capsule of sorts when I browsed through one of my books the other day. You know those How Things Work books you had as a kid, those with pretty colored cutaway diagrams that you tirelessly pore over even if and when you don't understand shit at all, and with huge ass hardcover bindings and thick pages making the book a potential murder weapon? Apparently I slipped one of my old essays in there, at the back.

Except the essays are in codes. Fonts like symbol or musical fonts or rune-like fonts.

Thinking back, with the huge clue of bubblejet printing (quite obvious from the characteristic mini-splotches), I was brought back in time to my aunt's condo, where I in my quest for aesthetic beauty wrote two page long essays to print in mystical fonts.

Ok la I didn't write essays just for that. The essay was just a convenient body of words I used to print and admire the mess of foreign alphabets.

It was Sec 2, ok?! I was weird, so slap me.

Ironically, I managed to decipher the rune-like font pretty easily. Of course it help that it bore some semblance to English letters, and those lazy people just made English alphabets in a rough, rugged sort of font for capital letters. So yeah anyway, here's how it looks like.

And obviously having no soft copy, I have to decode it.

Which I don't mind, it's fun. I'm two paragraphs into the essay and so far, I'm writing well, if a little bit stiffly.

Keep you updated! Finally, something to post in Mezzo-Sforzato!

Actually I have alot la, but they are all cheesy.

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