Friday, April 20, 2007

About Virginia Tech - Part I: The Others

I was quite disappointed to see how carelessly my father took this whole incident when the following happened. We were all eating dinner when my mother was commending me on how I had behaved myself with the phone bills, save for one global SMS, which she excused because she couldn't remember if she'd asked me to SMS my aunt in Hong Kong (coming back today, incidentally). The really funny thing is that that SMS was for the Twitter phone verification. Hahaha!

So anyway, I replied that well, none of my friends SMS me, that's all. Then my mom went 'Why, don't like you ah?' and out of mild irritation to their constant superficial comments, I went 'Yeah. I'm depressed, and lonely, and sad.'

To which my dad said, 'Sad ah? Get a gun lah.'

Immediately I stopped eating, dropped my spoon and stared at him outraged. My mom quickly chastised him by saying 'Hei! Don't say this kind of things!'

Would have been ideal if she'd said it in reaction to my expression.

Moving out, look what a quick search on revealed! Our Singaporean bloggers have been working hard...

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Remember this is just a cursory search. For readers, there's so much more out there, and it's Yahoo or Google's job to find it for you, not mine. For bloggers, I searched this up in a rush (a sleepy rush, actually) so apologies if your name isn't here but you were higher ranked or something.

Coming up, my personal views on this incident.


J.K. said...

Luckily your mum has such good sense. I'm afraid that sometimes people could get desensitized over time after hearing lots of bad news. "What's another one?" :-p

Hope you won't lose this sensitivity to what's truly important in life as you grow older.

Farinelli said...

Thanks JK, I hope so too.

With the direction our media is taking, I find that a certain amount of desensitization is increasingly inevitable. I guess it's down to how we pull on the reins of life once in awhile to examine our values before it's too late to slow down.

sylv said...

i'm not a singaporean though... haha

Farinelli said...

you're in singapore la good enough lol