Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today in Farinelli's Life - Borat Sr. and the new SMRT train

I know it shouldn't be a problem for most of you bloggers to dig my real name up if you really want to. If you're techie enough to know about Ping, you should be techie enough to do that I think. I'm just trying to develop this online persona, getting myself used to referring to myself as Farinelli online, and getting readers used to seeing me as Farinelli.

It's a nice name. No really.

So here are today's photos.

Hmm I'm too used to clicking the Blogger's image upload icon. Must get used to Flickr. I'll probably get the desktop uploader.

First up I was walking towards Tampines MRT when I saw this guy. Apart from allowing me to take full body, this vertical shot also allowed me to snipe him better (take his photo more discreetly, whichever phrase drives your gears). Even so, I was hoping to take a full face, so this profile disappointed me. But it's sufficient for my question. My question being...


Age Borat a decade and he will probably look like this. Poor thing must have endured alot of stares and in-the-face snapshots when the movie came out.

Moving right along, I was surprised as I walked into the MRT today. I thought it was some design gimmick like the pimped Nokia buses (damn I was sure I blogged about it. Dunno where it went, can't search it up).

UPDATE: keropokman pointed out what slipped my mind to include. I wondered for how long have these refurbished trains been out, and he mentioned to me that it's been a few weeks.

It seems that they nipped and tucked the interior to give significantly more standing room. I used to get the slightest feeling of claustrophobia looking at the old trains' standing space. Also they've kept the 3-prong holding bars. But check out their new glass panel designs. Presumably the downcurve at the top is for friends to lean over and talk to the one sitting at the corner seat.

Nahh... I don't really know. Aesthetically nice though.

Lovely seats too, and yes, it's broader! Doesn't feel as broad as the NEL ones, but yeah it's an improvement, and a bit of a relief for my plus sized rear.

The handlebars are, again, aesthetically pleasing, but I don't see any practical use of it. Why the red plastic connecting wrap? Why the S-bend at the right hand? I'm not questioning its use nor implying its uselessness, I'm just wondering if there's a practical reason for its design. No matter if there isn't. I'm an aesthetics person, it's ok.

Next. Sometime ago I took pictures to log SIM's construction of escalators (looks like it can be finished in two more months), but I never blogged it. So here it is. A couple of months ago...

And now!

As you can see it's improved quite abit. They've coated the concrete walls with cement so it looks neater now. As you walk past the board-ups along the corridor you can sometimes see little peeps of the sparkling new escalator, but I didn't catch that. Neither do I think my phone cam is likely to be able to do so adequately.

And finally.

Today being our last lesson, and Kevin having been an excellent lecturer, my alternative clique in the picture arrested him for photos, as did a few others. I as usual shamelessly slid myself in, then got my friend to Bluetooth this to me.

So yay Kevin! Lol.

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