Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tech Crash! My Birthday Wishlist

Someone's trying to be funny with me. All my gadgets are crashing one by one. My handphone's been having an increasing frequency of failed SIM card registrations, my earphones died as you might know, my Zen Micro is giving all sorts of funny hanging problems, and I dunno whether it's cos the battery life is ending or I dropped it one too many times (it survived 3 waist-level falls already lol). And my computer is... it looks like it's trying its best to keep up with my frankly insane navigation speed, but it's going going too.


And my fancy ideas of asking my parents for an early birthday present in the form of a new MP3 player was dashed because they didn't buy anything for my brother's birthday, intending to pay for the dinner at Triple 3, when my cousin discreetly made a preemptive strike. So there, now to be fair I don't have a present either.

So here, for your kind reference(s), is my birthday wishlist. items clumped together represents an either/or option. It's extravagant, but you know, no one's obliged at all to get it.

Pleeeeeaseee??? I need all of these things! :'(

Farinelli/Renhao's Birthday Wishlist! v1.0
- Classical guitar
- Acoustic guitar
- Electric guitar
I'm a left-hander so all guitars has to be LH lol. Classical guitars can be RH and then 'flipped', if it's symmetrical.
- Plenty of strings sets
I need a good set of strings, light gauge and bright sound.

- Creative Zen Aurvana premium in-ear noise-isolation earphones
- In-ear noise isolation earphones
Any other (better ;P) brand's fine.

- A new desktop computer
This is a high call, so if you're on a budget, I've got an acceptable screen already, so just the CPU will do. But of course, if you think I need a new LCD screen, by all means man. By all means.
- Macbook (White)
- MacBook Pro (Silver)
- Laptop
As long as it can run smoothly, I'm happy.

- Creative x-Fi ExtremeAudio sound card (or higher)

- A Creative MP3 Player
I'm trying to give alot of leeway because hey, it's a request after all not a customer order. But I'd like to ask that for this particular item, can it be at least 4GB capacity?...

- Trilok Gurtu signature drumsticks

- Polo Spirit gun (black) metal watch
Gee I dunno how hard this is to find. It's about $245 if I remember? And I think it was at Vincent Watch that I saw it.

- Nokia N80 (Black)
- Nokia N91 8GB (should be only one color black)

Of course, if I have anything new to add, I'll be sure to update it on another blog post.

I know I know. It's ridiculously extravagant. But it's a wishlist! That should mean it's a list where I put down my wishes right, if I read it correctly? I think I did. And these are my most pressing wants now. Since no one is insisting that they buy me something, I don't have to, and neither do I want to be pretentiously polite.

Um... well then, A Lego T-Rex model please?

For what sia. Waste time only.

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