Friday, April 6, 2007

The Islandwide Lucky Draw Winners Database Agency

While eating a first-class lunch of Maggi Mee just now I realised my phone was ringing in my room. I got up and dashed towards my room.

As an aside, it's like some cruel electronic joke when you press the pick-up button and the other side puts down. So close yet so far.

I kept trying to call back the unfamiliar number, only to be rejected with 'number busy' messages/tones. Finally I got through, and said to the sweet 'Hello?' I got from the other end, 'Hello, did someone call Renhao?'

It was a typically call-back question, typically harmless. But as I've learnt, 'typically' can well be the mistake of your life.

'Renhao? What's your number sir I check for you?'

And... so I gave my mobile number. Yes I was about to type my number out when I thought the better of it.

'Ok sir did you remember filling in any lucky draw forms at any shopping centre, restaurants or petrol kiosks last year?'
'Um... no.'
'... you don't?'
'Ok sir because we are an agency who collects information of lucky draw winners, and you're one of them!'
'Yes. And you'll get a total of three items - a silver designer's watch, you can choose male or female, a spa treatment voucher, and a stay at a 5-star hotel in Yunnan for two valid for one year. No need to buy anything or whatever, just bring your IC down for verification. So sir just to check with you ah are you studying or working or what?'
'No wait wait wait... which... company is this from? Which petrol kiosk or whatever?'
'Oh ok sir because it was an islandwide collection from all places, and the girl forgot to enter where it was from...'
'I see...'

And that's as far as she got because I cut the line.

No really. How much more obvious can you get? No information on the company this came from, no details about the prizes (Yunnan very big can?), dunno my name, dunno my age, a combination of three prize items... I know I'm not very streetsmart when it comes to conning and trickery, so if even I can sense something wrong here, who else will fall for it, other than confused old uncles and aunties?

This is not the first time it's happened to me. The last two incidents (this is the third as far as my memory goes) were a couple of years back, when a girl, dunno if it's the same one, put on a pretty convincing Thai accent and told me to go to Bangkok to collect my prize. After abit of probing she said in an obviously disgruntled Singaporean accent, 'Ok nevermind.' and put down.

What do you think guys? Should I report the number to the police?

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