Saturday, April 7, 2007

Singapore's Bitch-clown Cab Drivers

Inspired by Kevin's post about Singapore's profit-minded cab drivers, here's my story.

Oh no. Stories.

First there was that time in secondary school, where some East-ers including me were looking for a cab to share around the Little India area at around 10, close to 11.

We waved and shouted at the many that passed by. Mason, my then-class monitor, saw one with a FREE sign in blazing green LEDs, and flagged it frantically, as it came near and showed no signs of stopping, he shouted OI, and when it breezed right past us, he yelled, 'YOU HAVE NO MOTHER!!!'

At least that made us forget our plight for five minutes, while we were trying very hard not to keel on the ground from laughing so hard.

And then there was that time in 2005, after the BBQ organized by the first student council when I earned that stupid nickname Wong Tai-tai with my precision 5-minutes-digital-watch-countdown stingray cooking. Ben's father gave Hans and I a lift to Bugis station. I called my dad to inform him that I was on my way back, and he made a retrospectively unnecessary fuss about 'missing the last train'. In the end I walked quite abit to find a taxi, only to give up and call a cab in the end.

And yes both incidences were related to Comfort Cabs.

Regarding Kevin's suggestion of launching a probe, I think it's high time we did that. While it is most clearly manifested at night, the daytime also sees some selective blindness from cab drivers going for lunch. And then they give excuses about wah we all wait at shopping malls no one come ah, wahh hungry ah, wahhh you all wait at wrong spot ah.

Then what the hell are you driving around Singapore for?


Anonymous said...

there are lots of horrible sg cabbies out there... there was once, my fren and i got on board a SMRT cab outside SIM Namly. This chinese guy (he's a new immigrant i suppose, looking at his face and his horrible accent) din want to drop us at 2 locations although they were like just down the street - Toh Guan and IMM. WTH its just the next road. There isn't any law to forbid that. THE REASON? When he picked us up it was almost the peak hour, so after he drop us at one location he's gonna pick up someone who pays the 2 bucks peak hour fee. And he wanted us to get down if we wanted to go to 2 locations. Talking about GEMS.

Renhao said...

see la. not say i want to say, but... typical PRC...

DK said...

I thought only Singaporeans are allow to drive taxi?

Renhao said...

foreign talent dk. foreign talent.