Friday, April 20, 2007

20 April 2007 Photos - See what see!

If you think you have a better name or format for naming my photoblog posts, please tell me. I'm very open one. Lol.

Hokay. What did my camera immortalize today?

Following the DK-FaceOnTheTable craze on started by Marina, I took time out in the midst of rushing my Nutrition lab worksheet at 2:30am to give myself a smile by doing my own.

And the meme about the picture can be found here on DK's blog.

As I was returning home in bus number 65, I sat myself at the back and noticed that the 65 placard was faced inwards.

Slipped my mind to brighten it first, but what the heck its just to illustrate the story. Illustration also must make nice nice then people understand better what, ya la shuddup. Lol.

So being the usual itchy hand that my mother utterly failed to discourage me from being, I pulled the placard out from it's slot.

If it had not been for my itchy hand, I wouldn't have caught this gem.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that vandalism is wrong, and I'm definitely not encouraging it. But come on admit it. These people have some untapped sense of humor. Like this one too.

Image taken from The Humor Archives

Real pity.

Right, lastly, I finally made it to the top 10 list on!

I know it's no big shit, and I don't know whether to feel guilty or not that it got it only because I discussed the Virginia Tech shooting - what the others made of it. But hey, as someone said, 'We start with the small steps; we end with giant crushers.'

Nah I just made it up.

Stay tuned.


eastcoastlife said...

aiyooo... your chubby face all flatten liao!

Farinelli said...

orhhh... how? call police la.

very energetic leh ccda... lol.

DK said...

Didn't you read my health warning? :P

Farinelli said...

yeah well, it's a calculated risk.