Friday, July 27, 2007

At (My) World's End

Been so caught up in the advertisement craze that I nearly forgot about this.

On... let's see when this was... On Wednesday, my borrowed PSP brought me to the end of the world.

And, after I found myself there, I calmly made my way back to civilization. Without the PSP. Eh? Eh? How's that for explorer's blood?

But before I moved off for the urban jungle, the citizen journalist in me did not forget to snap pictures for you, so that you, yes you my blogger friends may catch a glimpse of what the end of the world is like. Frankly, I think it's over-hyped.

Ok no the truth was that I was playing the PSP all the way up to City Hall, and I only fell asleep into my usual in-transit nap after Redhill. With my stop at Dover, naturally I would oversleep my stop.

I've never gone to Boon Lay before. Not in my memory I haven't. To me Boon Lay is merely the name given to the fear deep sleepers experience everytime they feel a drowse steal over them... in their cozy corner seat... ...

Well to look at it brightly, if I wasn't so careless I would never have had any other reason to go past Jurong East Interchange. So yay PSP~!


daphne maia said...

wah u say until like that.. all those people studying in ntu muz b damn sad. lol

Farinelli said...

No la I said I don't have reason to go there. They have a reason what... cos school is fun right! :D