Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Incompetence of CMPB

I wonder if anyone holds a record of more enlistment letters than me. I received my third two days ago.

And then there was that time some poor thing called me up to tell me to resubmit my deferment request. Why? They gave a pretty complicated excuse, something about MOE tape-matching, when I'd severed my ties with that zombie-churning organization like 2 years ago by deciding to attend SIM. All that could basically be summarized into "Well we lost your records because it got wiped out and we didn't have the sense to make a backup."

I snapped in the MRT. At least it was in the tunnel, with all the roaring, so people around me probably didn't think I was as loud as I was.

Now when I went to ask my dad about it (I'd left the letter on his desk earlier, that was all he needed to see), he said that he would handle it. And I feel abit guilty because he's got a million things to do with his simultaneous teaching assignments, and he's still got to handle this shit for me. And I'm also worried about his health because he's got quite a short fuse by nature, and CMPB in particular seems to ignite his fuse right at the end and make him go off almost immediately.

But if I do it, I wonder if I'll be assertive enough to get this nonsense settled once and for all. I think I tend to be pacified by promises. I let them say "Ok sir we will do this this this" and then the ball is theirs. I let up and hang up. Worst thing you could do.

Grow up la please CMPB. How the hell are parents supposed to feel secure about their child's safety with douchebags like you around?


DK said...

Wah... you shoot them until like that. Wait they mark you inside then you know. hahaha...

OK... just kidding. :P

Farinelli said...

i actually considered that. i'm ashamed to announce i practiced abit of self-censorship lol.

in any case they are already marked on my list liao, so... lol.