Sunday, July 15, 2007 Server Overload!

Old news, but then I can't remember the last time I was the first to post something up. I'm more reflective. And more lazy.

So sometime around beginning or midweek (see la I forgot already) kept breaking down. Especially the shoutbox. I think we were unwittingly at fault la. When the shoutbox started lagging, we naturally felt threatened at the prospect of having to suffer noPing-itis, so we start posting things trying to see our shout appear as confirmation that the server wasn't melting down at that moment. Like "Hello?" "Hullo?" "Yooohoooo lagging..." "Where's everyone?" "Where's everybody???!!!111" "HELLOOO?!?!?!"

Obviously we'd tip the server over the edge right? -.-"

And then once Uzyn rebooted the server, and we find everything ok again, we start flooding the shoutbox expressing immense relief at being connected to our dear fellow Pingsters again.


Like DK said though, we're all inwardly happy, as worried as we are for Ping's stability, because we know the website and its members are outgrowing the server. Again, heartfelt thanks to Uzyn for trying his blood-sweat-tears best to optimize here there and everywhere just to keep a free service to us all. You know, I was just talking to my friend and we were discussing that particular conference where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were interviewed together, and he said what struck him most was the obvious fact that these guys were successful solely because they loved with all their heart and soul what they were doing. And Ping being his baby after all, it's so obvious Uzyn treasures the community so much to try to keep it free. I mean at just one word from him (help?), we'd probably all chip in with enough donations (assuming we aren't given a target amount) for two servers. We (the regulars at least) all love Ping so much as well. But time and again Uzyn's refused to accept donations or open a Paypal account for

And that's how I know that Ping will go far. So will Uzyn, probably.

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