Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Thrills of a Garang Driver

So I was in Ryan's car that day, going to his house. For Pingsters and anyone else who doesn't know, Ryan's my age, 19 (thereabout) and passed his driving test a month or two back.

We were cruising on Upper Bukit Timah Road when this cheebye kia swung into the middle lane we were in.

I'm actually surprised as Ryan's mild reaction. He just muttered 'Freak...' and swerved into the left lane without checking for cars. And I want to give credit to my God for that. It would have been unthinkable if a car or bus had been behind us. Divine protection ownz.

When someone is behind the wheel and driving, the car horn is like a private part (what? it is a part; it's private.) You don't touch it unless they allow you to, or unless the car is parked and there is reason to horn (like seeing a coursemate right Sam? Ryan?) Ryan was too preoccupied probably, doing the environment check that he did not have time to do earlier. So we missed the chance to slam the horn at this bugger. And you know the most blood-boiling part?

That motherfucker drove right beside us and gave us a du lan/guai lan look.

But well Ryan being Ryan (he's not pacifist he just can't be bothered), he returned an irritated look and then that guy probably disappeared from his mind already. I was ranting that if it were me I probably would have allowed my car to be damaged in the process just to get back at him. Like drive up to his side, horn the hell out of him, then accelerate, go in front and jam brake.

Or something equally stupid. It's probably good I won't learn driving till I'm in army.

Oh Jayne, on the off-chance that you are reading this, I'm trusting that you'll know never to mention this anywhere in a 5metre radius of Ryan's house. Unless you don't mind sacrificing Ryan to find out the meaning of pain, scorching, and suffering without having to go through it yourself. Remember to video it if you do. :)

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