Friday, July 27, 2007

1st lightsaber picture, 3rd Ad, and a video???

A lightsaber glow is easy to do, it's the fitting it into the specific picture that sux-ass.

If you find this picture oddly familiar, yes, it is the original shot of my avatar. I selected a rectangular approximation of the blade portion (I'm total shit at magnetic-lasso) and made a layer to superimpose on the original image. After clearing away extra bits and pieces with eraser, I bleached the image by dropping saturation and color to the lowest, and throwing lightness up to the highest. Then I created an outer glow of purple (I like what not happy ah wanna fight ah?), and a hint of inner glow to give the blade some depth and roundness. Flick the original image back on and there we go! Final touch-ups with the smudge tool to smoothen rough edges. Of course this isn't needed if you have enough talent or skill to cut it cleanly in the first place.

Ok no seriously, it's just so addictive! And that red glow from the text was what reminded me to do the saber-sword thingy above - been thinking about it for awhile now.

Finally, we've seen quite a number of advertisements, both hilarious as well as NSFW. :) I'm thinking about a video now. It's real simple. All you have to do is......

Well I'll give you the details when I'm done with the video. Which I have decided to film on the next occasion I'm home alone.

It's that crazy.

Not NSFW though.

Maybe in the sense that you might burst out screaming in laughter and attract your boss to your cube.

Oh speaking of NSFW, here's a blooper from my shot yesterday. I set my phone timer, and this was my very first shot. For some stupid reason, I looked at the camera expecting it to say "Ok I took it come and have a look".

And this is what happened. A groteseque parody of sluttiness. Eurgh...


DK said...

Wow.... You got 3 version of the ads? haha

Farinelli said...

kee siao liao. hahaha