Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nearly got pwned by Pizza Hut

Met Ian today for some chillout and chat. It's great that he was regaling me with stories of people tapping helmets and then asking the sargeant 'Oh. Supposed to do head count ah?' Kinda makes me feel better and more relaxed about army.

We wasted quite abit of time feeling our way around Marina Square, and asking around where Pizza Hut was when we just came from that section a few minutes earlier. And we even stopped to ogle at the TV screen cos it looked like it was playing a trailer for a new anime (turned out to be an MV nahia). The freaking restaurant was just on the other side of that stretch.

We were rather hungry when we got to PH so we whacked garlic bread, crisscross fries (kickass lemon mayo), a large Pepperoni Lovers' Triple Stuffed Crust, and a Chic'cago (chicken and linguine in tangy Neapolitan). When the pizza came, I immediately knew I was in for it. Turns out I barely made it out of there without puking when Ian offered to eat the stuffed crust portion of my last share of pizza.


Lol well, thank God it's summer. I got cash. I actually wanted to splash somemore on another Bleach figurine, but there was only one left in the box, and I didn't want to risk it, since my best method of guessing was by feeling the relative weights. Obviously Hitsugaya with his three stars and ice wings would be heavier than whatshisname with just his short sword.

We made it nicely for the 2pm screening of Ocean's Thirteen, which was one hell of a show. Freaking funny stuff, and great chemistry between the actors too. Al Pacino did great as the bad guy (doesn't he always ^^). Something not too good though that some of the lines and exchanges were made and said so fast that it seemed that the audience didn't catch the joke.

I think I'll stop here. I'll put the 1st anniversary celebration in a seperate post.

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