Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Two Stories about my Aunt

These both happened yesterday.

After hearing about one of my coursemates doing the Umbrella dance, I went to check out the wacky footage myself. And subsequently I found the accursed "ella...ella" part playing on constant loop in my poor head. Lock a prisoner-of-war in a room and play this on 5.1 speakers. 5 hours later he'll probably submit a typed report of all the top classified activities of his country.

So ANYWAY, because of the school's wonderfully flawless wireless connection, I couldn't see the official MV in school, and searched for it the first thing when I came back. My aunt walked in and looked at the screen, and said, 'Oh. Is that the new song? The uh... the um-um bre-bre la-la one?'

My brother and I nearly fell off our chairs.

Later as my aunt was on the phone with her close friend, a cat mysteriously appeared outside our door and attempted to come in (I live on the 14th). My mom quickly closed the door, but the gate was open and the key was hanging on the lock still. After much persuasion and explanation I said I'd catch the cat and bring it down and she could lock the door in peace (she apparently thought I'd catch the cat by taupok-ing it and bearhugging it all the way downstairs. -__-") For someone who lived on the ground floor in Tanjong Rhu last time, she seriously knows nuts about the magic hold on a cat's neck skin.

With all the commotion my aunt, still on the phone, came outside. I cracked the door open to see whether the cat was tired of the game or still as responsive, and as rapt as ever it got up after I made a 10cm wide opening in the door. My aunt, watching from the side, was still talking to her friend, and she went 'Because these kind of things you cannot tell one mah, if it comes it WAHHHHHH~!'

I promptly slammed the door shut in alarm and we laughed until I had to sit down. Funny sia my aunt.

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