Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Messy Table

Following Daniel's post, I predicted to him that the I know would start doing the same thing. True enough, Wishbone made known her thoughts of possibly doing such a thing.

So I did mine.

I'm sooo sooo sorry for the low res... the only object missing from my table was my phone, and well that's because I was holding it. That's my digicam, and even though its 2 megapixels, Nokia's night-photo quality sucks so bad.

That said, I just realized I forgot to turn on the night mode. Whoops. Too late. And this is why.

There are so many things on my table, I thought I would note the more interesting items (or at least unusual). Click to enlarge. Or if you can read it off the picture, leave a note saying so and I'll consider worshipping you(r eyesight).

Now you beat this. :D


Daniel said...

Seriously... your table is way neater than mine...

Farinelli said...

well it's messy in a different way. haha.

sylv said...

i can beat it with my desk in Jakarta.. My desk in Singapore still got nothing..