Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Why I Don't Attend Ping Meetings and Why It's Difficult

Hmmm. Well let's not confuse this with visiting That was because I was constantly busy.

Why do I rarely attend Ping meetings, even though I'd gladly go for every one of them?

Because I couldn't bear to lie to my parents. And my parents are of the opinion that any friendship made over the Internet is destined to end up in rape or deception.

Sometimes... well actually most of the time, I hate and despise their utter ignorance, not to mention their lack of trust in me when I say 'It's ok. I know these people and anyway I'm careful about these things.' It's not just this issue too, there are others. But let's not bring things up unnecessarily.

But sometimes I can't help but be understanding to why they are like this. Slowly through talking to my relatives, and through their little slips of tongue, I'm beginning to discover that my parents have had quite a troubled past. I guess they can't be blamed for being paranoid and narrow at times. I'd like to put my trust in them when they say that they are trying to be open with me, as well as about new things too. But just like they don't seem to recognize my academic efforts, I don't really see them making an effort either.

I shade the truth many a time. And I lie when I'm pushed to a corner. With a straight face too. But lying to have fun and meet people. Or lying for personal gain. I guess that just stretching the values I've learnt as a child too far.


Daphne said...

maybe one day your parents will open up and understand. my parents used to think like that too.

but i guess my sisters and i all grew up, and they just had to believe that we could take care of ourselves.

our parents taught us to be careful. but that's about all they could have done. hope to see you at meetings / gatherings one day! :)

Farinelli said...

thanks daphne! considering whether to go for ping's 1st. need my friends help for that ;P

Hendri said...

Hmm yeah, sometimes our parents don't understand us that well to trust us fully. I do hope that they will understand you better in the future. :)

Hope to see ya again.

Farinelli said...

Hendri! Great to see you too!

marina said...

Maybe you can bring your parents to the meetings even and let them see for themselves how nice we are :)

Farinelli said...

Cannot la. With people like Uzyn and DK. One bartop striptease smash everyone else's goody image ;P