Friday, July 6, 2007

A Good Leader

Haha I have no idea how Yap will take this.

But just to put into writing what I've told a couple of coursemates already...

My PR lecturer split the class into 4 groups. My last group got 11 people, as compared to 12 for the other three groups. Of course we were given one less because we were presenting last, so we had the most time to prepare. Even then, I think its too much. I mistook one of the names on the register for another coursemate I knew who didn't contribute, and I actually thought, That's ok. Better one less than one more to add to the confusion.

I'd prefer a 5-man team, personally.

But further down the list, I saw Yap's name listed. And I immediately knew I could switch off this second half of the semester.

When I say switch off, I don't mean skive off and slack, as most of you probably are thinking as what I meant right now. In this context, switching off means being able to just do whatever part is assigned to me without having to worry about being unpleasantly surprised by messes, deadlines, incomplete reports and articles, etc.etc.etc.

That's because I've worked under Yap before, and well, actually I suppose the whole class has observed him from a distance or heard about him. And Yap is known to handle projects with efficiency so sharp that quite literally, it would slice you cleanly in half should you even slow down to think about going against it.

At least, in a classroom context. Though I'm sure he doesn't differ too much in the working world. Maybe he just has more frightful superiors to report to or something, I dunno. Lecturer, Major-General. Which one you want?

And as expected, at today's group meeting all we had to do was sit and wait for Yap, and when he came, everything had been mapped out and ready for deployment.

I'll be frank and say that at times, working with such people can be tiring, especially when you are passionate about the issue at hand, and want to be like a leader in the project, because yesterday in bed you dreamt up this ideal world where this is the way the project would turn out, and today you want to realize that dream.

And then sometimes, you're just too happy to switch off. Tooooo freaking happy.

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