Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rewatching Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children

The last and first time I saw FF7 was when I got it from Graham, and he obtained it in some super obscure format that he had to use a DOS program to convert to AVI. I'm sure it was in some Lossless format or something, but whatever it is the converting ruined whatever notion of quality the subbers thought of maintaining by ripping it in a format from Jupiter.

This time however, I got it from Shinsen Subs, 1.4GB of high-quality goodness. I actually had it for a long time, I just wanted a time to be able to watch it when I'm home alone, so I can close the windows close the curtains and blast my speakers, but that never quite got around in light of my weekly anime flow as well as gaming, recently. So finally I watched it on my Aurvana and though the bass was no match for what would have come out of my subwoofer, the Surround-sound quality was deliciously apparent. At least I get to watch the fight scenes properly. As it is it's already so fast so furious so messy, and lowered quality doesn't help one bit. And for some reason Shinsen split it into two parts, probably for ease of burning to VCD, but I'm not watching it anywhere except a computer. Prefably my computer or some other machine with a good or better speaker system. Watching it on any lesser platform just doesn't do the film justice.

Well neither am I by downloading it from fansubbers... but... shut up. Lol. They did a good job of it at least.

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