Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Non-Blogger commenting enabled

NTT raised this point the other day, after we had finished our weekly podcast (see sidebar for link). That he could not comment on my blog because for some reason or the other he did not register for a Blogger account, and I selected the Registered Users Only option.

To block these valuable and lovely group of people out no more, I have decided to allow non-Blogger users to comment. Unfortunately, with the useful Other option on your identification details (Name and Website) comes the sorely hated Anonymous option. I don't understand why Blogger can't seperate the two of them though. I don't imagine it would be all that hard... Blogger you listening?

All the same, I restricted commenting because I absolutely despise anonymous comments, unless the conditions are such that subjects you to political danger. If you wish to seperate your online and RL personas use a nickname like I do, although admittedly mine is rather for show only. I didn't really make a concerted effort to hide my RL details.

So I am making it clear here and now, and I'm putting it in my comment box message as well, so there can be no excuse:
I have enabled the non-Blogger-member commenting function on my blog to accomodate my friends. Should anyone of you out there dare to take advantage of the Anonymous option, I will, I will and I WILL delete your comment, or else find the slightest excuse to shoot you down. Shouldn't be hard, really, since anonymous commentors are usually the idiots who make flaming comments.

Try me. I'm ready. :)


WishBoNe said...

Use Wordpress :P

NTT said...


And I agree with wishbone. Switch to wordpress.com man. It's so much better.

Anyway, we use wordpress.org for tech65, so its good to know how it works..

Farinelli said...

Ya I will la haha... I'm gonna shift to my own domain soon remember? But for now the amount of work involved that looms just intimidates me. Maybe at the end of this school term (that's what I said last term too :/)

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Farinelli, thank you for visiting d'Bassists' blog. It makes me realise that there are quite a number of people from Ping.sg who play a musical instrument. :)

I have learnt one thing from your comment, that trumpet players use volume mutes to mute the sound of their instruments. How does it look like?

Farinelli said...

o gee... that was so long ago. Let's see... I couldn't possibly describe it for you, I don't even think I could produce a decent tone on a trumpet now. But here's a picture I looked up.

Dennis Wick Practice Mute

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks for the photo of the practice mute.