Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dim Sum Dollies in the History of Singapore

So I went to watch it, last Sunday. It was all quite a rush before the show because I was serving in Children's Church that day and our debrief ended rather late. I rushed through my lunch at Marina Square foodcourt before we dashed down to the Esplanade (thank God it was just next to Marina). As it turned out we made it in excellent time.

One of the types of humor that gets me the most, and actually, probably a majority of people who actually know how to laugh, are those jokes that the comedian (comedienne) shoots out of NOWHERE at all. I think all great comedians, whether through instinct or learning, know just how to crack these jokes, and the exact timing needed to pull it off. Too fast and it's like part of the previous joke, which might confuse people if this off-timing joke is on a different subject as the previous one (I hope you're still following me... I can't believe I'm going into Theory of Humour). Too long a pause, and the connection to the previous joke is lost - for although the previous joke may be on a different subject, the two jokes usually share a thin thread of connection.

So Hossan Leong was an Indian chatting with Raju, who turned out to be a Moove cow. And as he was pulling Raju along the fields he was chatting about home, and Indians, and then as he was going off-stage he mentioned that it was time to go to Serangoon and meet his friends.

At the last moment, he inclined his head backwards and said to Raju, 'Sometimes we hold hands.'

That just totally smacked us all out of the blue, and we were lolling about our chairs breathless for awhile (lolling in the original sense, not haha-lol).

And if you multiply that and extrapolate it, you basically get the whole show. If you think Mr Brown's mee-siam-mai-hum or bak-chor-mee jokes were daring, you haven't seen Dim Sum Dollies yet. The way they whack PAP and governmental authorities is admirably phenomenal. You really wonder why they haven't been... educated. Yet.

Cheers. To freedom of speech, and to the Dim Sum Dollies for happily exercising it to bring laughter to us all. Steam the hell out of them man, you girls.

It's probably too late for you to catch their current run now, but even in this season they are still playing to packed houses, so look out for their next run. They have a CD actually, of their sinfully addictive songs. I want to get it!

Or you could be nice and get it for me. :)

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