Sunday, July 15, 2007

Joining 65bits

Hokay, as the more attentive on might have already noticed, I'm flooding my blog with new posts today. This is the seventh.


Like I told Daphne, this is what happens when you get lazy. About something you're... quite passionate about.

Moving swiftly along :), today marked a milestone for me, as it did for the event I participated in. 65bits reaches its 30th episode today, and I, Renhao aka Farinelli, did my first ever podcast with them!

I did think the exclamation was abit cheesy, but I thought it was still better than a full-stop that seemed to convey disinterest.

So it's great, guys, to be able to participate in this show. And I do believe it will grow into something substantial, if not outright big. I didn't join because of that reason though lol. It was more like an afterthought.

A pleasant one.

But like I said, I'm not all that informed about tech stuff as these guys are. I'm just (for now at least) like going with the flow haha... That's why I'm the one who always shoots a comment out of nowhere. Yup, hope to continue for a long long time with this show.

Even though the 30th episode was screwed up.

Yep this just in as I'm typing, it seems there was a problem that made the recording just skip over some parts. So fuck you to whichever demon went into the iPod to do this. You damn well better rejoice that I'm going to heaven, because if I somehow end up in hell, I will hunt you down and drown you in the lake of fire for all eternity. Biatch.

Luv ya 65bits! ^^

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