Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Day Bad Day? I Can't Decide!

So I had set my alarm for 1030, thinking that that would be late enough, and yet give me enough time to do my usual computer routine before leaving for Creative's Aurvana X-Fi Headphones press event at 2pm. Magically I woke up wondering why my alarm wasn't ringing yet, and I saw that it was 1027. Lovely. Might as well switch my alarm off and sleep in abit. It's still early innit... and it's raining, too... ...

I woke up at 1.11pm.

With a big fat curse I greeted my day, and flicked my computer on while I took my clothes out and packed my bag. When I opened Gmail I saw that NTT was online, and the first thing I did was swear again and let him know I would be coming by cab. By the time I left the house it was almost 1.30, and I was carrying my nasi lemak my dad bought for me (free lunch what why not?). It took until 1.40pm to get a cab at the forsaken bend that my estate faced. And with the rain and all, I only managed to reach Wheelock Place at 2.10pm.

Now let me say something about the cab driver. (Obviously you have not much choice over whether I say it or not, it's just for smooth transition's sake.) This guy drives up to Wheelock, by the side. This is good for me because the office lifts were just upfront. But this idiot stopped on the second lane, because he didn't squeeze into the first lane when he could. And as I was still waiting for him to slide in so I could get out safely for goodness' sake, he looked at me and I looked at him and he flicked his head.

"Here lor," he said in Mandarin.

Quite obviously I was already in a bad mood for his less-than-swift driving, but I had a press conference to attend and couldn't be bothered arguing with him. After I paid him 13 bucks I threw the door open then gathered up my things, and fuck you if a crazy speeding vehicle took the door off its handle. You deserve it damn you.

Zipped up to the 9th floor to find that they were still expecting quite a few people. While in the cab I had already prepared my name cards, and sure enough these came in really useful 90% of the time a handshake occurred.

After the official presentation NTT and I went to spend more time with the X-Fi and the Live! headphones. He had to dash first, so with the kind help of the peeps at August Consulting and Creative's product presenter Eugene, I filmed an episode of Channel65. The tape was playing back as the cameraman for the day passed the camera back to me, and I found it to be good and shut it off. Later I remembered to take some close ups of both babies, and the hell I did.

Right over the previous footage.

So now there's a little patch in the video where I'm standing in my hallway looking embarrassed and filling the missing content in.

Sat down on a ledge to eat my nasi lemak, then took a stroll through Borders before deciding to settle down at Coffee Bean to go through the press kit documents. Remember what I said about a free lunch? That earned me a Banana Chocolate from Coffee Bean. For artificial flavouring, it's not too bad.

What I thought would be a simple stroll to the nearest bus stop to take 65 home turned out to be a bloody hike through town. I was on the Wheelock-Ngee Ann City side of the road, and I surprise turned to frustration as I walked neverendingly, searching for a bus stop on this side of the road. I met several bus stops and NONE OF THEM was on 65's route, what the hell. All the way up to DFS Galleria and I gave up and walked backwards. I was on the other side of the road now, and as I walked I saw a 65 roll past.

Going to Tampines.

If you don't already get it, it means I could have crossed the road anytime to take a bus home. But whatever I was too sianed to swear already, plus I might get arrested and sent to Woodbridge. I took the bus home, and since I returned the ZEN review unit earlier, I only had my CD player with me. And the bus. I was sitting right at the back of the double decker, and I swear the air-con must have been lower than 16 degrees. Even with my hoodie on I was freezing, and had to zip up and jam my hands in my hoodie's pockets to make myself the least uncomfortable.

Good day bad day? I dunno. Sounds like a bad day with good bits. But whatever. It's over and I'm still alive, so who's complaining? Good night.

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