Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Just Wanna Be Your Friend

Sometime ago, I quarreled with a friend who used to be very dear to me. In patching up, he established in no uncertain terms that whatever he meant to me, I wasn't part of his intimate circle. Now you can imagine how much that hurt me. But it wasn't his fault. In fact it was mine. Nevertheless, nowadays, I find my cowardly self seating myself away from him, avoiding eye contact or conversations with him. I guess I felt that if I pretended he wasn't there, maybe I'll be able to forget him, or at least my previous perceived relationship with him.

Regular readers to my blog would know that I don't like to copy-and-paste song lyrics on my blog. In fact, I frown upon bloggers whose content is half comprised of song lyric posts.

This song, however, is so uncannily descriptive of my situation now. The more disturbing part that my problem is with a guy, whereas in the video the partner is shown to be a girl (staring around doing nothing, but a girl nevertheless). Never mind though, that's for another day. Oh uh, obviously the "lover" bits don't apply.

Chinese Lyrics

等待 我隨時隨地在等待

我沒有任何的疑問 這是愛

我猜 你早就想要說明白

從天堂掉落到深淵 多無奈

我願意改變 (what can I do?) 重新再來一遍
(just give me change) 我無法只是普通朋友
感情已那麼深 叫我怎麼能放手

但你說 I only want to be your friend
做個朋友 我在你心中只是just a friend 不是情人



So I 我不能只是be your friend

I just can't be your friend no,no,no,
我不能只是做你的朋友 不能只是做普通朋友

English Translation

I'm always, always waiting
To be support to your feelings
There is no doubt about it
This is love

I guess...
You've long wanted to make things clear
It feels like I've really failed
Fallen from heaven down to a deep abyss
Just can't help it

I'm willing to change (What can I do?)
To start all over again (Just give me a chance)
I can't be just a regular friend
When my feelings are already so deep
Tell me how can I let go?

But you say I, I only want to be your friend
Be a friend
In your heart I'm only just a friend
Not a lover

I'm grateful you were that straightforward with me
But the love I gave you, I can't take back just yet
So I, I can't just be your friend

I just can't be your friend no, no, no

I can't just be friends with you
Can't just be normal friends

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