Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Reviewin' the Creative Aurvana X-Fi Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Ok so I attended the launch event right?

Well my audiophile friends, the review unit is here. And guess what.

I'm ROCKIN' OUT ON IT BIG TIME! \m/ It's a freaking aurgasm powered on my computer (too soft on portable devices - standard problem for otherwise rocking headphones). I'm listening to classic guitar tunes (not classical, classic) like Hotel California, Cemetery Gates, Sultans of Swing, Master of Puppets, Sweet Child O' Mine, and I'm thinking to myself "I can die happy."

Well ok I do have one regret. It's not that snug that I can do some serious headbanging. If I do that, give another minute and I'll start banging my head for headbanging $500 onto the floor. In pieces.

Many pieces.

Watch out for NTT and my extensive review of it on Tech65 soon.

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