Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Le Cinematographie Fantastique de TPCMM

Reading jayden's blog post brought to my attention these Temasek Polytechnic Communication and Media Management (TPCMM) students who filmed the following lipdub of Umbrella.

Apart from being professional about it, being sexy and all that, I was downright impressed at their continuous-shot concept. It looks like there were final three takes, from the jerks in the screen. Couldn't really tell for sure, but I'd be happy to be corrected that it was indeed one single shot. That would have been just awesome. Amazing. Brilliante.

The planning for the sequence was immaculate, and the cameraperson is superb. The "pass-ons" were slip-slide smooth. And let me be clear for the benefit of those not that in-tune with this field. Just because the camera wasn't steady throughout the video doesn't mean that they didn't film well. Shaky is fine. What matters is transitioning from scene to scene, and wowee they must have practiced like hell. Or if they didn't, I fall on my knees in awe and worship.

Whoever said Poly was second-grade can lick the cast's shoes. All of 'em. Good job guys!


nicole said...

hey farinelli,

the video is awesome :D

thanks for posting!

Farinelli said...

velcome! love it too.