Thursday, September 6, 2007

Collecting thy phone? I preventeth thee!

Today is the second consecutive day I have been prevented from getting my serviced Nokia phone back into my tender loving hands.

Yesterday someone from the Suntec service centre where I'd sent in my phone called to inform me the phone was ready for collection. I rushed down after a late class and dinner, to find that they had closed an hour earlier. CLOSING AT 8? What the hell kind of service centre are you?

Today, I was debating hard with myself whether to collect or not. I was going down to Bras Basah anyway to collect Tech65's name cards, and even though it would be out of the way, I would be in no rush at all.

Screw it, I thought, I can make it in time. My friend was going to Lido, so I could ride with him then take the MRT down to Suntec. Still can make it la. So we got out of the cab and I think it was one of my fastest briskwalks ever, right to the MRT station, and I reached into my pocket for my wallet to tap the EZ-Link.

It was not there. Only a dollar coin - change from the taxi.

I freaked and did a sharp about turn to search for my wallet, thinking I had dropped it somewhere along the way. Because I distinctly remembered holding onto my wallet as I exited the cab. Or did someone pickpocket me? My old habit started rising again. I started musing that I'd never been pickpocketed before, and that this would certainly be an intere-- OY WAIT! I NEED TO FIND MY FUCKIN' WALLET!

The moment I reached the alighting point and found no trace, I called Comfort Lost and Found. At times like these it's good to know you have normally useless numbers in your SIM card.

Well they located it just as I reached home, free cab ride home courtesy of my mom. I spoke to the driver and apparently he lives in Jurong, wowee, and if he was going to come to Tampines, I should at least pay his cab fare lah boss.

In the end he said if there was any passenger to Bedok or Tampines he would call me, if not he would call me all the same to inform me of the situation.

This shit luck is temporal, this shit luck is temporal, this shit luck is temporal, this shit luck is temporal...


xinyun said...

lucky you, for getting back your wallet :)

i've never had that kind of luck, on getting back ANYTHING :(

Farinelli said...

LOL. Shh don't say that! The more you say the more it happens.