Saturday, September 15, 2007

RIPIRIP Creative Zen Micro

I'm not sleepy. RIPIRIP stands for Rest In Peace In Really Intense Pain.

No of course you can't do that. But that's my point.

My Zen Micro died on me.

Perhaps it was rashness on my part. You know how rash actions sometimes end up in murder or rape? (If you found this post by searching for "purple rape" or something, get lost. Now.)

I wanted to load a new album I acquired into the Micro. But somehow Creative Mediasource didn't detect the player's connection, so I went through the data storage method. After that I downloaded the latest firmwares and drivers from Creative, and tried to re-install the firmwares. Problem? The firmware installer could not detect the bloody player!

With less than half an hour left before it was time to leave for school, I made a rash decision to run recovery mode and delete the firmware from the player.

And nothing could be loaded in, whichever computer I tried to do it with.

As far as my mental eye can see, this is the end for my Micro. It's been great using you my dear, but I guess you thought yourself unworthy of welcoming my new wife. Or maybe you were so pissed and jealous you committed suicide.

Either way, I can use your black pouch for my new girl now. Cheers darlin' ;)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have only just stumbled across your blog, ( I was looking for La Chambre des Morts withenglish subs) I don't think all is lost for your Zen. I have one and I know I read a page on just the prob your having.

offline comm at wyesurf at bigfoot.
Sam in Florida

Anonymous said...

Please delete the post from sam after you read it.


Sam in fla