Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Rambling Post

Hey. So I just wanted to blog today, but when I got to my Blogger Dashboard I just stared blankly at the "Create New Post" button, with nothing to write about.

So today, or tonight, I'm gonna ramble. That's one of the ways I work too. Push the stone wheel off the top of the hill, and let it pick up the pace from there.

I watched Ratatouille yesterday. It was a great film. I walked away thinking, "That would give critics of any sort something to think about". Yeah, you go stand in a corner and think about what you've done, you child of a coffin you (can you believe our grandmas used to use that kind of language on your parents? That should explain the sunken look some of them have). Then I realised, shit, aren't we all critics after all? You come up to me and tell me you haven't been critical of anyone or anything before, and I will shake your hand and tell you how nice you are. Then I'll give you a tightslap you bloody liar.

Now go stand in a corner think about what you've done. You child of a coffin, you.

We are all critics. All the time, we flick a disdainful eye at someone, pfft at someone under our breath. That's being critical, for your information.

Blah, he can't play for shit. Look at the way he's holding the pick it's like the opposite way what the hell. Look at his fretting fingers they're 28degrees off position.

Pfft. He can't golf for shit. Look at the way his cap's slanted the wrong way, now he's got a 32% higher chance of having a horny bird fly smack into his cheek. And speaking of cheeks look at the way he's clenching his ass. Left side tighter than the right. Gonna be responsible for an extra putt or two.

Ahhh look at that stupid beetle. Keeps knocking into the lightshade as if he's gonna break through. Hey, hey dude. Dude, look here when I'm talking. How - hey listen here - how small are you? How bloody big and thick is that plastic pane? Hey beetard do you even know it's called plastic? Stop it for goodness' sake you're irritating the heck out of me. If you ever get exhausted and land on my clean mopped floor I'll bust your buzzing ass you hear me bitch? I got this cup here, this mini sampling cup I took because it's cute, and because I can use it to cup over idiots like you, see? I will trap you, and I will shake you around until you think I'm YO MOMMA YOU DIG ME BITCH? Oh don't you come flying at me threatening me now I will - UWAHHHHHH!! FUCK! Get the fuck back here you son of a beetle bitch I will tear your feelers and wings and legs out one by one you hear?! No one gets away with dissing my head. Oh yeah, that's right come on right here I'll - HA! GOT YER ASS BEEAAATCH. I pWnZ0rx j00 j00 g3t my dr1f7 j00 b1tch 455 c10wN? Now you sit in this fuckin' corner and think about what you've done. Shame on you, you beetle child of a coffin, you.

See? Critical creatures, we are. Mmm.

So, after 4 orbits around Earth, back to the topic. Ratatouille. Good movie, go watch it if you're a critic, we're all critics, therefore watch it.

While waiting for my friend to arrive at Tampines to watch Ratatouille, being an anime fan, I browsed Hobby Point, very smartly located next to Century Cineplex. People who are familiar with anime figurines will know that the latest, or should I say second latest set of bleach figurines had a uber duper chio Ichigo, holding his sword in bankai form. And then there's the real clincher, Ichigo with his Hollow mask on. The problem is these money-making bastards randomize the characters so you never know who you'll get. The last and only time I bought I got lucky and got an acceptable character, 3rd squad Vice Captain Kira Izuru with his square-hook sword, Wabisuke. Now if I have the money I don't mind buying the complete set, like retailers like to pimp it. But there are characters in there that I don't like. I like characters with long swords, and there's this one figurine with a frigging toothpick for his weapon.

What caught my eye in Hobby Point however were new Bleach figurines! Labelled the Bleach Character Stylings series, it features Ichigo, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Rukia and Renji in school uniform, and Grimmjow (yeah, the Espada) in standard arrancar uniform, complete with a hole somewhere at the top of his abs. I wasn't too impressed with the pictures of the set displayed on the sides of the boxes. I felt that the details weren't reproduced faithfully enough. Hair shape and mask and stuff like that. I was grooving silently to music on my player, and I could only see the shopkeeper smiling and handing me a complete, still-wrapped set.

With a price tag of $56.

Wait a minute, I thought. If they are 8 bucks each, and there are 6 figurines......

What is this a joke? The price of 7 figurines for assurance of a complete set of 6 figurines?

After enquiring about the previous set, which will possibly come in tomorrow, I hopped over to Comics Connection, and was thrilled to see the whole set taken out to display on their shelves. It was much better than it looked on the pictures. But there were two problems. 1) It seems there was some misalignment with Ichigo's under-eye detail, making him look like he was recovering from a punch and didn't have good sleep for a week. 2) Grimmjow's sword is FUCKIN' MISALIGNED. Just had to screw that one point up didn't you? Ruin an otherwise fantastic figurine series.

Well, ComiConn was selling it for $48 at least. I'm considering, and this leads me to my next point.

I got my dad to pay for my incoming Creative ZEN player! Awhile ago I was absolutely nuts over a Polo Spirit watch (still am, actually. It's luv, baby, know what I'm sayin'?) And the other day he was like, I thought at one point you were crazy over watches?

You said don't need to waste money what since I got a watch already.
Ahhh... can lah... How much?
$269. I think.
Can la, I buy for you.
Actually, don't need la. Just pay for my Creative.
I thought you paying for it with Mummy Kathy's money?
Well, I could use that money for other things.
How much?
Mmmm ok la. Just tell me when you need the money.

Whee. You hear me? Whee. So now I got 200 to spend.


Please? Lord? Wisely.

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