Friday, September 7, 2007

Great is my wrath toward thee, incompetent fools

What's wrong with my Nokia phone?

The Nokia 6280 is a fantastic phone. I will vouch for that. It has almost everything a techie needs, save for WiFi. And honestly with its comparatively small screen and age (+-2 years old), I find that exclusion reasonable. However it also holds a notorious reputation of having many firmware issues. This time, the phone turned off by itself, and refused to switch itself on again.

In my previous post I lamented about how I was prevented two days in a row from picking my phone up from the Suntec Nokia Service Centre. Today I finally managed to collect it at 3+ in the afternoon. Sitting at one of the low stone light posts at Tower Four's bus pick-up point, I re-programmed everything manually. Everything was in my miniSD card, so it didn't take too long, and I was very satisfied with myself, and my newly repaired phone.

When I got home, I plugged it up to the charger, to prepare my phone for the weekend.

And the same power-off shit happened again.

Now people who see me more often should know that it takes a hell lot to get me seriously mad. Therefore I like to jump on cases like these where I can practise being firm and playing my anger levels on the poor soul at the other end of the line. Because I've had it with being too nice, too gullible, too pacifiable, too much of a yes-man.

ANYHOO. I rang Suntec's retail side just to get the repair side's number (fuckers don't put repair shop number put retail store number cheebye... lucky Suntec they're next to each other). The woman answering hummed and hawed for awhile, and then kindly suggested that I sent it in for inspection again.

I would have loved to say that I emptied my ammo on her and tore her apart good and proper, but apart from saying "There's no fuckin' point" in more civilized terms, I didn't do much else. After some silences on both our parts, she said she would inform her manager about this and ask him to call me back.

50 minutes later, I called in again, directly demanding to speak to the manager.

So far the manager's been nice about it, the reason why this post doesn't have five times the foul words it has now. Apparently the peeps at HQ tore apart my phone replaced half its components and put it under inspection for one whole day. Moment I come back, it happens.

How? We'll see. Sunday I'll meet him personally. Stay tooned.


NTT said...

Maybe it's your charger.. :P

Farinelli said...

yea i think so too.