Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trying to get back on track

This week in particular, I have been inexplicably tired out. I thought it was the exams and the stress and staying late, but exams are over (so is my life and probably future...) and I just woke up from a fitful doze-off in front of the computer.

As for these couple of weeks starting from the CNY week, I've also lost my blogging fingers. I see so many interesting things, take so many photos that would serve no other purpose than for commentary (or bitching) on my blog, transfer it out onto my computer. After I prove my own hypothesis right by successfully uploading a 3GP video clip onto Youtube, I bought a 1GB miniSD card, giving myself over an hour's worth of video recording time, or an equivalent capacity of 2000 over photos. But it's just not there anymore. And when I don't have the drive to blog, forcing myself to do so is, I kid you not, worse than forcing myself to get down to doing assignments.

Then again, seems I'm starting to get it back. Maybe my engine just requires a little revving.

I have been using the more efficient method of torrenting anime by series (torrent all Kanon eps, finish then torrent Ghost Hunt eps, etc.). This is particularly useful when you're a big time follower of multiple series, and experience a backlog in torrenting.

I'm not tooting my horn, but I follow 26 anime series, and although I enjoy doing it, the administration of keeping up with the latest episodes requires effort, and I think a bit of dedication. Some of you would know that I reformatted my computer around the beginning of this term and stupidly caused myself unnecessary trouble by having to set everything again, as well as somehow destroying the previous stability I had with the wireless connection system. As a result I only recently settled myself into a more familiar routine once more, as well as figured out the kinks of the system, and my torrents have been running at an acceptable speed.

Before, even with a backlog of 31 files, I would open the flood gates and turn all 31 files on at the same time. Then I discovered that if there were 31 running tasks, 5 of which were running at decent speeds and the rest of which were stagnant, turning off the stagnant tasks would dramatically increase the download speeds of the 5 active files. So recently I decided that rather than wait an eternity for 81 files to be watched at the same time, I'd rather clear the tasks series by series, so that I can have a heck of a time watching.

And have some sense of achievement.

Just to make the post not so long, I'll stop here. Photo posts coming up.

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