Sunday, March 25, 2007

How would I know?!

Well this is terribly disappointing.

I was serving at Children's Church today and just before second service started I was hanging around the outside of the room, behind the admin people to (very nicely) show kids to their 'zones' in the room. I think it was the first time that Praise Kids I and II were having combined praise & worship, so there were 200+ kids playing their PSPs DS Lites YuGiOh etcetcetc. Some at least stick with a book. A paper book, not e-book.

SO (I ALWAYS digress...) I was waiting outside, and I had my back turned. Suddenly I heard this.

We'll need your child's birth cert number, we didn't get it in the registration earlier.
Wh... why do you need his birth cert number? I don't remember his birth cert number!

I whipped around, incredulous.

Well, does he have his student pass?
No! Of course not! Why should he? Why should we carry his student pass around?!
Er...So there's no way of getting his BC no..
No! Why are you asking for this you've never asked for it before!
We do. We need it. Can you bring the information next week?
Ya of course.
Right thank you. [to child] Primary?

And I brought him in after that.

I think the child was Primary 3, but I wonder if he would be hurt if he had really understood his mother's words. Forgetting at that moment is forgivable, surely. But not bothering to remember it and snapping at other people for that? Haluo??!!

My parents probably remember half the figures, or jumble them up. This makes me appreciate even those mistakes even more. Any parent of someone my generation would probably have bought 4D or Toto with it. My father probably permutated all possible combinations on his auto-calculate Excel spreadsheet (you'd think it's stupid, but beyond the pointlessness of it all I think it's really genius 'programming'. My dad's one of those keep-track-of-everything kind). To say so loudly and angrily that you effectively can't be bothered remembering your child's BC no., you might as well disown him right there and never come back. One of the admin was saying he was tempted to ask whether she was really the mother, but decided against it in the interest of politeness.

Apa najadi sial.


eStee said...

OMG u were from st.hilda's primary???

blank said...

my mother remembers everything...

and i do mean everything!

she knows my whole family ic number (which includes 6 people plus my grandmother).

that woman seriously needs to buck up.

oh well, have a great day ahead!

Razzle Dazzle

Renhao said...

Ah see? Thank you point proven.

Bravo to your mom. Haha.

Renhao said...

Estee: year of 2000! you?