Monday, March 12, 2007

Software Review: f2ko's Audio/Video-To-Exe Converter

Kenny was the one who found this originally. How he did I'll never know. But this is one hell of a priceless gem made free for all on the Net.

Fatih Kodak, otherwise known as f2ko, has written several programs and put it up on his website,, for zero cost.

What turned out to be a last-minute savior (and a good quality one at that too) was this primitively simple-looking program, which either converts video or audio files into other formats, or an executable file, hence the name. And don't you ever let the blandness of the interface fool you into thinking it's some cheap program. Apart from several terms of use including prohibition of modification or even reverse engineering, the use of this product is virtually unlimited.

Formats supported include, taken straight from the website, "3gp, aac, ac3, exe, flac, flv, gif, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpc, mpg, nut, ogg, ra, rm, swf, vob, voc, wav, wma, wmv, wv,..etc.". You have at your hands the power to change any of the above formats into any other one. That's an amazing number of 171 combinations you could possibly play with!
The only thing I see missing here was pointed out by Ryan, which was the MKV format.

But here's the clincher - this program works STANDALONE, meaning there is absolutely no installation needed, and no registry values input into the system. It runs straight from wherever it is, saving a whole lot of time and electronic effort. What happens is the file downloaded from the website is an extracting executable, which just pulls the program out into the same folder, and we're ready to go. How nice is that? Just bring this application around in your thumbdrive - you'll make alot of new friends and possibly earn a couple of idolizers.

You may get the application from the link above in the second paragraph, which is the English version of the website (he's German). It's the first one on the list. Enjoy.

Oh. 5/5. And a bonus point for doing us all a hell of a huge favor.


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