Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ol' Chums

One of my friends recently got shirty with me, and to my dismay, he later attributed his tick-off to the fact that everytime I talk about my parents, aside from getting gifts and birthdays, I'd be bitching about them.

Which, well, is sadly true. Just half a week ago I was bitching again. I was a little miffed because now everytime I bitch I feel so conscious and guilty and condemned about it. Eh cartharsis is important you know. Don't bottle up then later I go mad kill people I tell you.

So here's the bitch of the day.

I met a primary school friend while on the way to join my parents and cousin's family at a nearby restaurant. He invited me to join him, another friend, and my best friend (which actually I just met yesterday) for supper nearby. I said I'd call later.

After dinner, which was within walking distance from my house, we adjourned back to our apartment for durian. And then my best friend called to say that he was on the way. I promised I would set off as soon as possible. That was 1030pm.

My mom refused to let me leave. I had no choice to wait until my cousin's family went off, because that's why she's making me stay. Out of politeness.

They left at 1130.

It's not like my friends were specially waiting for me, but what the hell! I mean I was just sitting there trying to watch Bulletproof Monk above the conversations smothering the dialogue (which wasn't much la I was watching the action/effects). I wasn't even talking, at most laughing at an occasional joke. I hadn't seen my cousin in a year, but damn it I haven't seen my friends in three years! By the time my cousins left my friends were to be leaving shortly anyway, and I had to forfeit even getting a glance at them. I was pretty sore about it, my lip was actually curling uncontrollably, to my mild surprise. I only do that when I'm really agitated.

One good thing about it all is that very shortly after I threw myself into the chair in front of this computer, cool wind started flowing through my room. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and soon the unmistakable sigh of a heavy shower could be heard. I wouldn't have minded getting a little wet to see my friends, really, especially since I was sticky and all from the stroll back to my apartment. That's how humid the freaking park was. 10min walk, and my skin felt like I'd trekked Bukit Timah Hill. Sickening... I wouldn't have minded getting wet, but it's still inconvenient and all all the same.

Anyway, I've already made initial arrangements for another meeting. I hope I'll get the timing right. My friends are all getting their postings, and probably going for training everyday at their respective centres.

Till then ol' chums.


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I watched it from here. felt good enough a quality raw

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