Wednesday, March 21, 2007


A conversation with my friend turned towards the subject of how we've all changed. Our first couple of semesters in UB-SIM were as combined classes with the other major, BscBA. So we did everything together - classes, lunch, pool, BBQ. If you found one of us, chances are you found the whole group. Other cliques were torn apart by internal conflict, but we, the 'Mostly O-level' clique, come to think of it, were superglued together. With a triple coat of paint to seal the joints. And we were proud of it.

So many things happened to us - we went not just up and down but left and right as well, as I observed to my friend. We had a conflict, but we threw one person out instead of split up. Nasty business, but point is we found ways to keep ourselves together.

I'm easily the most emotionally-swayable person in our clique, so I dunno how the others feel, deep down. But when the inevitable split-up began to invade our togetherness with differing classes, or worse, differing time tables, I hung on desperately, hung on desperately to keep the group together. I've had my share of mockery and gang-ups, but never have I had such warmth and cohesiveness in a clique. At least for me, it was a first. An unforgettable, memorable first. It seemed well like a first to the others also, if not my way then in other ways unique to themselves. Unique and equally unforgettable.

I tried to keep well in touch with those from the other course online, sometimes invading a little too much of their space with my determination to not let the bonds rot to utter waste. As the semesters passed, reason defeated emotion, and one by one I reluctantly gave my friends space for themselves. I reluctantly left them to their own activities as differences in schedules changed from a matter of hours to a matter of different days altogether.

Now, some of them are getting themselves tied with preparations to go to Buffalo in Fall. The group will be split even further.

I only hope that we may be seperated, but that we will never forget our experiences, if it means anything to my friends in the first place. I hope that even as we go through NS, go out to work, rise in the corporate world, and make a million other new friends, that this clique will remain special to them. I take hope in the fact that it's not impossible. Not to me.

I hope... I hope that we will be able to take this picture again. If not every year, then at least before we all leave SIM. Just to remember, if not the way it was, the way it used to be.

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