Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Starting a Second Life

Dropped by 536 to say hi to Kevin today. Previously he floored us all (most of us listening anyway) by announcing that he had SIM install Second Life in their computers. Today he advised us to get an early start on it, since the QotW would involve immersing yourself in the game. And indeed we came up with some big plans to build SIM in SL's Lion City. But that's for later.

So an excited Cheilla mailed me an invite after she got home. Except I was running through other things and by the time I remembered SL I searched it up through Yahoo and forgot about Cheilla's invitation. I did put her SL name in under 'recommendation' though.

So I registered. The transition to the next page after I submitted my registration never happened, it sort of froze there, but I got the welcome email, so I just closed the frozen page in the end.

I was rather apprehensive since Andrea reported her SL program crashing each time she tried to start it. And even if it didn't crash on mine, my computer isn't lightning-quick, and I was afraid of what it would do to my computer. I ran through the preferences before even signing in, just to ensure as much as possible that I won't blow my CPU up once I enter the world. And then I clicked connect.

And until now, I'm still waiting to log in.

They did put a message saying 'Logging in... Second Life may appear frozen. Please wait.' So I wait lor.

But for how long sia?

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