Sunday, October 28, 2007

You Dropped Your Pad

Yesterday I was honored to be invited to Daphne's 21st birthday party. We were at The Mussel Guys at Vivo City, and we had a really great time with well, not funkilicious, but at least good seafood (if you consider fish and chips seafood, that's what I ate). The fish was soft, and at times that became a fault because you couldn't dip your chunk of fish into tartar sauce without leaving it behind as you lift your fork up. The tartar and fries, however, were good. As we finally left for the... oh what's that place called... Rooftop Gardens? for a few final pictures, John motioned to the welcoming waitress outside the restaurant. The filter sponge of her earpiece had fallen off as she removed it, and she hadn't noticed it. Ben and I noticed him stopping, and we turned to see what happened. As John explained, Ben comprehended and filled in with, "Ohhhh the pad issit?"

"Yeah yeah."
"And you told her that she dropped her pad."
"No let's... don't go there."
"I'm not going there!"

So all the girls saw at first were three guys screaming and laughing and bent over and walking like drunkards. I could barely explain it to them over my laughing fit. Oh gosh, it was so funny.

"Excuse me ma'am, you dropped your pad." Nice.


daphne maia said...


hehehe.. anyway fish n chips is NOT seafood lorrr. haha...

ive never had really good fish n chips in sg b4 tho.. shall try that out.

DK said...

So did they managed to find her pad? lol.

Farinelli said...

Daphne: It's fish whatttt! haha. Botak Jones FnC no good meh? If you haven't tried you should.

DK: yeah we did after alot of searching. it was dry though. dry and black......