Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One of those weird dreams

So I was woozy in front of my computer right? As always my sleep cycle wasn't complete before I woke up, and I'm dozing off to make up for it. I just never learn. Images of an excited email from my podcast's head honcho Daniel shrieking that we have another PR email flashed around my mind. I tried to open it and the only thing I can remember now was a 5-letter email conversation (thank you so much Gmail) and someone from the PR firm starting off with Dear Renhao.

A couple of minutes later I woke out of Twilight Zone, and I'm in that part of waking up when you recover from sleep? Like when batteries get over-charged and they're trying to deal with it? Yeah, and I'm doing the cover-one-eye-and-frown thingy and thinking What was that all about?

Then I saw my Gmail Notifier was blue.

Then I opened it up and saw a press release email from Olympus announcing the E-3 DSLR, successor to the 7-year-old E-1 (thanks to the Engadget community).

Ok so it wasn't an excited letter from Daniel. But it's still a press release! How the tech did Olympus get my/our email? I dunno, but I find it kinda presumptous to add media to the press list without first notifying them innit? Cos this was directly from Olympus, not even from a PR middleman (middleperson).

The mystery lives on...

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