Monday, October 29, 2007


Sylvia from twittered about I dunno how new this site is, can't be bothered to check now that I've closed the window. But in short Pzizz offers you customizable audio to relax and energize you with their Energizer module, or bring you peaceful sleep with their Sleep module. Pzizz combines New Age-y music, the usual soothing stuff, and a relaxing voice to accompany you to sleep. And these change with every play, ensuring that you'll never get tired, nor will your body be too accustomed to the musical sequence for Pzizz to lose its effectiveness. Sequence durations and audio levels are customizable to suit your preference. In other words, it fills in the energy limits of humans. I don't think you'd last 20min accompanying and soothing your child or loved one to sleep. You'll wake up screaming crying and drooling at 7am the next morning with three stacks of work undone and half an hour to get your arse to the office.

As a trial, Pzizz offers download of their software, individually or as a bundle, as well as a 15min sample track of each module. I played the sleep sample track. And after 30 seconds I was so frightened of knocking out right in front of my computer that I turned the track off. I'll load it into my MP3 and try it out later. I do need some uninterrupted sleep badly, if that's what this software touts.

Check it out and lemme know! :)


sylv said...


it really worked. I listened to the "energizer" trial music and succesfully fell asleep on the library table. it's that effective that my legs finally became numb coz i didn't set a comfortable position to sleep at the first place :P

you might want to try the trial. 30-day-money-back guarantee mah.. my friend is trying it out.. shall hear from him later..

Farinelli said...

Yeah Energizer worked well for me too! But I heard the guy say "wake up" lor. I didn't need that stupid BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP alarm thanks. -.-"