Friday, October 5, 2007

Free webhosting and domain. Why not?

Ok, well, since I thought of blogging about something or the other anyway, I decided to join unclesha's free webhosting and domain contest.

I deserve to win the 1 year free blog hosting and web domain sponsored by ‘We Host You’ because I've been wanting for the longest time to have my own site. I love Blogger because it's just so straightforward, and it offers more horizontal room than I would ask for. But, and this is not Blogger's fault in any way, I don't get vertical freedom.

What the hell you talking about? Well especially with a sort of user interface for layout editing, Blogger's brought the ability to customize your blogs to the masses like never before, when previously to do so you had to learn HTML. I know, because I did. But anyways, layout editing. That's what I mean by horizontal space. Short of having the theoretical ability to make your blog into an interactive site with CGI fairies and THX-certified surround sound, Blogger's got it all laid out for you. But what if you wanted to create a survey page? Or a special page for a special something, say a page dedicated to the situation in Burma now, showing your support for the monks. Or a mash of your Web 2.0 stuff - Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc.etc. Or a page that doesn't have the usual characteristics of a blog page. Now it's not Blogger's fault they don't offer something like this to you, because they are a blogging site after all, hello?

Having your own site offers that flexibility and more. I've got so many ideas waiting to be launched, that are either not feasible on Blogger or a chore to do. I'd rather just wait than work my ass out to make something half-past-six on Blogger when I can do it so easily on my own site.

So yeah. I deserve to win. Really.


Anonymous said...

Hi Farinelli

Thanks for joining. I have added you to the list.

Good luck :)

uncle sha

Daniel said...

You could get it's pretty affordable...

Farinelli said...

I could. Lazy lol.

vinz said...

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Josi Bunder said...

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